About the Course

This course explores social and emotional learning (SEL) in the context of school and home settings. Participants will gain:

  • a base of awareness around topics of SEL, focusing specifically on measuring SEL learning, proactive strategies for supporting the development of SEL skills, the connection to mental health services, and how all stakeholders supporting a learner can impact long-term positive outcomes.
  • a deepened awareness of how and when SEL skills can be intentionally developed and supported within learning communities, as well as clarity around how The MARIO Framework™ facilitates this work. 

Embedded within this self-study course are:

  • examples of aligned MARIO for Me™ software features as well as the opportunity to experience a feature of the software with short-term trial access
  • high-quality research, both seminal and innovative in nature

CEU credits are available in partnership with the University of San Diego for interested participants.

This course is open for enrollment!